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What We Do


Personal finance is a critical part of life, but there are no tools currently built for individual wants and needs.


Bedrock Financial Health provides a process that demystifies financial wellness and helps individuals clarify and achieve what truly matters to them.


Why Bedrock is Unique

✔︎ Custom solutions that meet clients where they are in their journey.

✔︎ Our step-by-step process reduces stress.

✔︎ We protect decisions with tools such as Safeguard Banking.

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Specialized for Each Person

✔︎ Control & Agency

✔︎ Individualized Game Plans

✔︎ No Shame or Judgement



Our Services


Bedrock Financial Health uses a unique process called “The Wall” to create space for clients to view their life and finances from a new perspective, which we believe is the vital piece to stability and growth. Next, we build a framework, using resources such as budget management, accountability check-ins and Safeguard Banking, in a way that increases stability and movement towards the individuals goals.

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Repeatable Process

Monthly repeatable process allows for growth and development.

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Staff + Tools

A team of people supporting the individuals financial and personal growth.

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Ongoing Support

Weekly and monthly check-in’s designed for individual growth and development.


Getting Started

Our goal at Bedrock Financial Health is to lower the barrier and give you better control over your financial life. We recognize that everyone has different fears, hurdles, goals, and dreams on their path to financial health. We currently offer a free consultation to help you assess where you are financially and establish a safe path to your own financial health. Sign up below and we’ll reach out to get you scheduled for your free session today.


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